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Welcome to DSLR Traveler!

Are you a photographer and/or filmmaker who’s always on the go? Or on a family vacation you’d like to capture and remember for years to come? Whether you’re a professional travel blogger or you’ve just picked up a DSLR, this is the site for you. We aim to provide advice for all skill levels to improve your travel photography and video, and we regularly feature Q&A’s with a variety of talented individuals, from casual photographers to those who have made their careers in the industry. We also feature gear reviews aimed specifically at the best equipment to take on your travels.

In the months to come, we’ll also start organizing photo tours of the London area, where we’re based, and eventually expand to other areas. Questions? Comments? Feel free to shoot us a message!

Hey there,

Welcome to DSLR Traveler, we're glad you found us — we're still finding ourselves too, actually. We didn't think your come here quite so quickly, but we're glad you did, you early adopter you!

If you want join us on our next DSLR Traveler outing in London, please shoot us an email and we'll let you know when we're getting everyone together. 

Until then, just keep shooting!

The DSLR Traveler team